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Post Pregnancy massage in NJ
Image: Postnatal Massage In Your Own Cozy Home!

Postnatal Massage NJ

Post Natal Massage At Your House By Experts

Postnatal Massage at home can be a game-changing adjunct to your healing plan during the postpartum period. Therapeutic Massage is a proven complementary modality that is low-risk, yet effective at helping with many different postpartum issues. Pregnancy was a wonderful and magical time in your life, a time you'll truly always cherish, but it also took its toll on your body, mind, and emotions. Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy™ provides Certified Prenatal and Perinatal Massage Therapists, some trained personally by Carole Osborne and Body Therapy Associates, some by other respected teachers and pregnancy specialists.

Body Therapy Education Carol Osborne

Carole Osborne is the most trusted educator of Perinatal Massage, having pioneered this modality in the States decades ago, nearly singlehandedly. And now, our experienced LMTs expand on that knowledge, as well as their own experience, and deliver in-home sessions unlike any other in New Jersey. Whether you've had a natural delivery or Cesarean birth, whether breastfeeding or not, we can help. You need not leave home; we come to you.

We travel to your house or apartment when it's best for you and your schedule. Some women choose not to leave home after delivery, but even if you are not confined to home, we can save you the extra effort of traveling, during a time in your life that you need all your energy reserves to regain your full strength and vitality.

Perinatal Woman In Pain Lying On Couch

We take care of everything; we understand that at this time, you're probably glowing and radiant about your newborn baby, truly ecstatic, yet at the same time may feel less-than-great physically, for a variety of reasons. This can be frustrating, because as a new Mom, you need all the energy you can muster to properly care for your infant.

This time of wonder in your life comes rarely. If you're feeling lousy, you may miss it. Definitely live each day and remember babies grow up quickly and don't miss a moment! And, Postpartum Therapeutic Massage can help you to do so, by positively affecting energy levels, combatting residual muscle tension elicited by stress, and more.

Woman Receiving Postnatal Massage

Ways Massage Can Help On The Path To Postpartum Recovery

Initial postpartum complaints vary, depending on the individual, and even the same woman can, and usualy does, experience different issues during, and after, each successive pregnancy. These need not be clinically diagnosed conditions, but rather can include pain and discomfort, sleep issues, postural issues, and more. Cramps and pains in the lower abdomen and back are most common, usually from over-stretched ligaments that supported the heavy uterus in its anteverted state in the third trimester, uterine scarring from where the placenta was attached, as well as pelvic floor stretching.

Postnatal Massage performed during the first two weeks after giving birth can also help the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy position, which fosters a sense of integration and well-being. Abdominal massage, specifically, can also be quite helpful for diastasis recti, a common condition occuring in over 85% of new Moms. This can help safely restore core strength. Without any interventions, diastasis recti can become permanent.

Massage Post Partum Woman Post Natal Massage PostNatal Massage Post-natal Massage In Home

Also, your intestines and reproductive organs are now shifting back, having been displaced by the growing baby. Lower back pain often results. You may also experience lower back pain resulting from a spinal block or epidural injections. This is also fairly common. Healing takes time, and many women are acutely aware of these changes and feel the gradual process of improvement.

Some find the postpartum period extremely painful, while others are lucky enough to experience only mild discomfort. This range is normal, and varies quite a bit. Postnatal Massage at your home can help you cope with these issues, as can living a balanced life before and after pregnancy.

Eat right, get quality sleep in sufficient amounts, take your prenatal vitamins, spend some time in nature, get some exercise like walking, and remember to do Hatha Yoga poses to stretch out. Of course, there comes a time once your baby is born when you can't venture outside to the park or do much yoga, but you'll be better prepared if you use your prenatal time to mindfully practice a lifestyle of wellness and joy.

Relaxing During A Postpartum Therapeutic Massage Session

Carrying a newborn around in your arms isn't so difficult, as she doesn't weigh all that much, but it can still take its toll on your back. And, breastfeeding Moms often suffer from headaches, as well as neck, shoulder, and upper back pain, both from the added weight of fuller breasts, as well as from sitting in unusual positions for long periods of time in order to breastfeed.

Without Postpartum Massage, the tension will just build day after day, until one day you might just realize that your mobility is limited. Regularly scheduled sessions can help you regain your correct posture, and can aid with improving muscle weakness, and help blood and lymphatic circulation.

PostNatal Massage Sessions can begin just days after delivery, when conducted at your home. If you've had a C-Section, you should wait at least two weeks before scheduling an appointment for Postnatal Massage, and you will want to consult with your Ob/Gyn or Midwife first.

Postnatal Massage Therapy in NJ Post natal  Massage Sidelying Massage for Post-natal Women Post Pregnancy Woman Massage Massage For Post Partum Women

While still inside of you, the growing baby took up a good amount of space, and weighed quite a bit. This had placed extra strain on the lower and mid-back. Therapeutic Post-Natal Massage can relieve pressure on the pelvic joints, as well as other ligaments and muscles that were affected by the added weight and shifting posture. Postpartum Massage can help new Mom keep fit and strong after her pregnancy, feeling great all the while.

Postnatal Mom Lying On Her Back

Postnatal Massage: A Global Tradition, Reaching Back Into Antiquity

Perinatal Massage is a practice that goes back (at least) thousands of years, spanning many cultures worldwide. In India (and here in New Jersey among many women who have relocated from India), even to this day, new Moms customarily receive forty days of Postpartum Massage Therapy. In fact, the word quarantine comes from the Italian quaranta giorni, and refers to 40 days of isolation, the same exact amount of time women were confined to the home after birthing, according to the traditions of many world cultures in the Americas, Asia, and elsewhere.

Not only does tradition indicate Post Natal Massage; many physicians, including obstetricians, now recommend it (when appropriate). And, Postnatal Massage is an evidence-based hands-on modality. Studies show it is helpful for new Moms in a number of measurable, observable ways, changes that are real, revealed through blood tests and more. In fact, Postnatal Massage has been demonstrated in studies to not only help with recovery, but with increasing breastmilk production as well.

Infant Massage Has Many Benefits

Certified Infant Massage Instructor

Malishwali Services and Infant Massage Instruction. Ayurvedic Oils. Indian Head Massage.

Once baby is born, Post-Natal Massage Therapy can play a serious role in recovery for the new mother, but the benefits do not stop there. Some of our Certified Postnatal Massage Therapists are also Certified Infant Massage Teachers (CIMT) taught by the legend Tina Allen herself, noted founder of Liddle Kidz Foundation, a nonprofit that has popularized pediatric massage worldwide.

Infant Massage has many proven benefits. These include fostering brain development, relieving stress, helping with digestive issues, encouraging regular sleep patterns, and may help babies meet milesotnes faster. Of course, when family begins daily massage of the infant, parent-child bonding increases.

Black Mommy Holding Her Newborn Infant Close

In Hindi, the person performing this role is called a MalishWali, and can provide infant massage to your newborn. The goal is teaching the baby's caregivers how to perform Infant Massage on their own, once the therapist leaves. This both encourages parent-child bonding, and also allows for a greater frequency of infant massage sessions, as parents and family caregivers are there every day to provide a massage at bathtime.

To that end, these CIMT therapists conduct mini-classes right in your home, bringing along baby dolls to practice on and worksheets so everyone can remember what's been taught. Multiple family members are encouraged to participate, like Mom and Dad, siblings, and any other family staying close by to help.

Some of our therapists practice Ayurvedic-style massage techniques, and observe Ayurvedic principles. Such therapists choose warming pure oils like sesame, as well as employ herb-infused Ayurvedic massage oils specifically formulated for Postpartum Women. These LMTs also include head massage in their sessions. Scalp Massage isn't just for the barber shop, and our highly skilled therapists deliver results that are well worth the time, having been described as better than the best head massages in Kerala. That's quite a compliment!

Postpartum Drepression Can Hit New Moms Hard

Postpartum Depression? The Problem.
Therapeutic Massage: The Solution.™

Postpartum Depression is a clinically-recognized health issue, yet seldom do we look into the reasons making a new mother feel depressed. Dealing with all your issues is essential; there are many, many ways of doing so. Postnatal Massage at your home can help to lift your spirits and ease any mental tensions you may be carrying, as well as any muscle knots or painful ligaments, both to be expected at this time due to everything you've been through, amazing and worthwhile as it was.

Stress hormone levels decrease after a session of PostNatal Massage. You may also be deeply fatigued, staying up nights feeding baby every two hours. Taking the time out for a therapeutic massage session can help you achieve the sort of deep relaxation that is necessary for healing and ease of mind and Spirit. You may find that you sleep more deeply. This is good, because at some phases, you won't be getting much sleep at all, and the sleep you do get must be of the highest quality.

Post Partum Mommy With Her Babies Pregnant Mom With Her Kids PostNatal Massage

It's All About The Hormones

Month after month, your body cycled regularly through certain predefined levels of hormones, releasing an egg, preparing the uterus, then shedding the uterine lining during menstruation. And then you got pregnant. Everything changed. The program for pregnancy is way different. Hormones affect how we feel and think. Think back. Wasn't your pregnancy such a memorable time, a time that felt incredible? You didn't imagine it, but your hormones certainly helped you to appreciate it.

And so, after your little one is born, your homones shift again. It's just what happens, but it's like coming off of a rollercoaster. Postnatal Massage raises oxytoxicin levels and can aid in making the natural process of coming back into your own cycles feel less dark and heavy. It's a burden or a blessing, depending entirely upon your perspective.

Mommy Breastfeeding Baby

Postnatal Massage As A Way To Encourage Lactation

If you're able to nurse your new baby, congratulations. Breast milk is superior to infant formula, perfectly formulated by Nature to deliver optimum nutrition, including enhanced immunity, to your new baby. If you're not able to breastfeed, that's alright also. It's not for everyone, or appropriate for every new Mom's life circumstances.

Therapeutic Masage for new moms can help increase milk flow. By reducing stress, and increasing relevant hormones, your available milk supply can actually increase. While not actual lactation consultants, many of our therapists can help you to learn more about other ways you can increase production, like staying hydrated and eating certain foods, and can even help you with breastfeeding issues.

Breast Massage is optional; the positive effects on milk production are evident even with standard postnatal sessions excluding this area. Breast Massage is indicated when you are suffering from clogged milk ducts, engorgement, mastitis, have significant pain and tenderness in the breasts, or want application of oil to prevent stretch marks. A Japanese studiy from 2004 also showed that the quality of milk improves after breast massage, with higher levels of lipids, solids, gross energy and casein.

4-Hand Traditional Massage Also Available

Sessions may be booked with one therapist, or two. Four-hand massage is the most effective choice, as two therapists working on a single client can cover what it would take a single therapist double the time to do. This is our most luxurious option and will certainly yield the best results, for the amount of time set aside for massage therapy.

Massage After Pregnancy Post Natal Massage At Home PostNatal Massage At Home Post Pregnancy Massage Mom Standing

Serving Northern & Central New Jersey: Bergen, Hudson, Somerset, Middlesex, Union, Essex, Morris, Passaic, Monmouth counties, as well as New York City (Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx)

Gift Certificates also available. A sweet and thoughtful gift for your wife, Mom, aunt, co-worker, neighbor, or friend

To purchase quickly and easily online, click the Gift Certificate link above, and choose the number of sessions you are interested in. If you are planning to pay by PayPal, HSA, FSA, credit card, e-Check, or Debit Card, you may do so on our secure site, or we can process the order over the phone.

Adorable Blonde Baby Girl Getting Her Diaper Changed





Please click on the '@ Contact Us' button at bottom-left to access our inquiry form, or use the button at the top of this page. Feel free to also call us at 877 480 8038 for more information or to book an appointment.

Cash, PayPal, CashApp, GooglePay, Credit Cards, and Gift Certificates accepted. Insurance plans accepted: County / Municipal Health Care Plans (NJ), Independent Health Flex Fit, Preferred Care, No-Fault with Authorization

Note: We offer *strictly* therapeutic massage therapy. We do *NOT* offer as€nsual u'massage', in any form.


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